Reasons to grade pSA

Reputation and Credibility


Consistent Grading Standards:

Increased Market Value

Clear Grading Scale

Widely Recognized

Card Protection

Established Market Presence

Third-Party Verification

Enhanced Collecting Experience

How To Grade With TCGroupAU

Step 1 - Submission Preparation

Rarity and Desirability: Choose cards that are rare, highly sought-after, or part of a popular set, as these cards tend to attract more attention and value in the market when graded by PSA.

 Condition Assessment: Evaluate the card's condition carefully, focusing on factors like corners, edges, centering, surface, and any potential flaws or damages. Cards in excellent condition are more likely to receive higher grades from PSA, increasing their market appeal.

 Potential Value Increase: Consider the potential increase in the card's value after grading. Some cards may see a significant boost in price when encapsulated in a PSA holder, making the grading cost worthwhile.

 Long-Term Goals: Determine your long-term goals for the graded cards, whether it's for personal collection, investment, or resale. This will help prioritize which cards are best suited for grading.

  Authentication Needs: If you have cards of significant value or historical importance, getting them authenticated and graded by a reputable company like PSA can provide added confidence to buyers and collectors, ensuring their authenticity is certified.

Step 2 - Selecting Service Level

Choose the appropriate service level based on the value and turnaround time you prefer. PSA offers different service tiers, such as Regular, Express, Super Express, and more, each with varying pricing and processing speed.

Our service level packages can be selected in the service level section lower on this page.  

Step 3 - Completing the Submission Form

Fill out the PSA submission form online or on paper, providing detailed information about each card, such as its name, year, brand, and any special requests like autograph authentication.

Please ensure that the documentation and template is provided to TCGroupAU with all expected values prefilled. 

Step 4 - Packaging and Shipping to TCGroupAU

Package the cards securely with proper protection to avoid damage during transit. Ship to 43/53 Jutland Way, Epping 3076 - TCGroupAU. 

We hold no responsability of the cards condition during the process of their arrival to TCGroupAU warehouse.

Step 5 - Tracking The Submission

TCGroupAU understands the importance of providing customers with peace of mind throughout the grading process. To ensure transparency and keep customers informed about the status of their submissions, TCGroupAU offers a comprehensive tracking system. Regular updates will be shared with the customer, allowing them to follow their submission's journey from receipt to grading and encapsulation. This level of communication ensures that customers stay engaged and have full visibility into the progress of their cards, building trust and confidence in TCGroupAU's services.

Step 6 - Graded Cards Return

The most exciting part of submitting a card for grading is the return process. The cards would have completed their grading phases, quality checks and are on their way home. We return all cards back to TCGroupAU store before dispatching back to the customer. You can click and collect or we can dispatch the graded cards back to you. 

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