Pokemon and Dragonball

Founded by Kiki and partner Aneta with a passion to stream trading card openings.  We work on our own collection and are attempting to build a friendly community for all things TCG.

We have big dreams as a new store, we want to build an amazing community and look to open a physical store large enough to hold TCG meetups & tournaments bigger and better than what's available today. We want to build a space for our customers to hang out, open packs and trade with each other. Complete with video gaming areas to LAN party with your friends. We know some stores have really fallen short when it comes to vibes and customer interactions and we really want to fix that, we have experienced it ourselves and this is the main reason we want to shake up the market.

Join in on our Twitch streams! twitch.tv/tcgroupau

Join in our Discord community! https://discord.gg/5XAekhTN


The TCGroupAU team strive to keep our prices competitive with the market to offer our customers the products they deserve. 


At TCGroupAU we strive for excellence in customer service and experience. 

We available via email, Facebook Messenger & Instagram nearly 24/7 with a passion for our products we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If we don't have a product on our website that you are looking for feel free to contact us and we are happy to search our networks and source the products for you.

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