Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Series Set 05 Critical Blow [DBS-B22] - Premium Pack [PP13]

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Product Description

A new card type has been added to the Z-Cards in the Zenkai series! They're called "Z-Extras"! They feature new horizontal designs based on techniques and scenes never before seen in DBSCG! Multitudes of effects can be activated on just a single card, giving your games dramatic battles!

Booster Pack (B22) x4
Limited Promo Card (same card) x2

  • 274 types in total
  • ・Common (normal/holo ver.) x60
  • ・Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) x30
  • ・Rare (normal/holo ver.) x29
  • ・Super Rare x18
  • ・Special Rare x 14
  • ・Secret Rare x3
  • ・God Rare x1

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