One Piece Card Game - Kingdoms of Intrigue OP-04 Booster Box - English

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Release Date: 22nd September 2023

In addition to the Alt-Art cards that have proved popular in past packs, this pack features the new themed Alt-Art cards introduced int he previous product release. Their designs are unified under a single theme, enhancing the desirability of this product for collectors.

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12 Cards per pack. 24 packs per box.


TCGroup Australia: One Piece TCG with Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box (English)

Embark on an epic One Piece TCG journey with TCGroup Australia, your prime destination for the finest One Piece card game collections. We specialise in the Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box EnglishandOne Piece OP-04 English Booster Box, bringing the best of One Piece TCG right to your doorstep.

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Discover the Adventures with Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box English

Dive into the world of One Piece English Kingdom of Intrigue with our exclusive Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box in English. This set invites players and collectors to experience the strategic depth and captivating lore of One Piece. Unleash new tactics and immerse yourself in the adventures that await in every pack.

Set Sail with One Piece OP-04 English Booster Box

Explore the latest in One Piece TCG with our One Piece OP-04 English collection. Each booster box is a gateway to new characters, intense battles, and untold stories, all presented in the English language for ease of understanding and playability.

Why Choose TCGroup Australia?

  • Exclusive Range: Our selection of English OP-04 One PieceandOne Piece Card Game OP-04 English provides the utmost quality and variety.
  • Passionate Experts: Our team's profound knowledge of the English One Piece Card Game Kingdom of Intrigue ensures you receive informed advice and insights.
  • Australia-Wide Delivery: Wherever you are in Australia, we ensure the swift and safe delivery of your One Piece TCG collections.

Your One Piece TCG Odyssey Awaits at TCGroup Australia

Embark on a voyage through the thrilling narratives and strategic depths of One Piece TCG with TCGroup Australia. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, our exclusive Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box English and One Piece OP-04 English Booster Box collections offer an unparalleled journey into the heart of the One Piece universe. Set your sails with us, where every card is an adventure and every collection is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Explore Our Range Of Products

With TCGroup, you'll find a carefully curated selection that caters to both the passionate collector and the strategic player. Our range showcases the very best of the One Piece Trading Card Game, from comprehensive booster boxes to individual cards that capture the essence of this beloved anime series. Embark on your TCG adventure with our featured One Piece selections:

  • One Piece OP-04 English Sealed Case Booster Box: Embark on an exhilarating journey with our One Piece OP-04 English Sealed Case Booster Box. Each case is a treasure trove of excitement, offering a comprehensive collection of cards that bring the vibrant world of One Piece to life. Perfect for fans who wish to dive deep into the TCG experience, these sealed cases promise not only quantity but also the thrill of uncovering rare and powerful cards.
  • One Piece Cards:Our selection of One Piece cards encompasses a wide range of characters, story arcs, and strategic options. Whether you're a fan of the anime looking to collect cards featuring your favourite characters or a strategic player aiming to build a powerful deck, our assortment has something for everyone. These cards are perfect for both collectors and players, combining the art of One Piece with the excitement of TCG gameplay.

At TCGroup Australia, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection that caters to fans and players of all types. Discover these exciting One Piece collections and more, and set sail on your own adventure in the world of TCG.

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