One Piece Card Game - Kingdoms of Intrigue OP-04 Booster Box - English - Case (12 Boxes)

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Product Description

Release Date: 22nd September 2023

In addition to the Alt-Art cards that have proved popular in past packs, this pack features the new themed Alt-Art cards introduced in the previous product release. Their designs are unified under a single theme, enhancing the desirability of this product for collectors.

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Sealed Case Contains 12 Booster Boxes in a sealed enclosure. 

TCGroup Australia - Your Gateway to the Kingdom of Intrigue with Our Kingdom Of Intrigue Sealed Case Booster Box (English)

Enjoy the enthralling world of card collecting with TCGroup Australia, the ultimate destination for exclusive trading card game collections. As the leading provider of One Piece English Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box Sealed Case and other premium TCG products, we guarantee an excellent collecting experience.

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Discover the Mysteries with Kingdom of Intrigue Sealed Case Booster Box English

Embark on an adventure with our Kingdom of Intrigue Sealed Case Booster Box English. This coveted collection captures the essence of strategic gameplay and stunning artistry, inviting both seasoned collectors and newcomers to explore its depths. Each sealed case offers a gateway to a world of intrigue and excitement, making it a must-have for fans of the genre.

What Is One Piece Kingdom Of Intrigue?

One Piece Kingdom of Intrigue is a captivating expansion in the world of One Piece Trading Card Game, offering a treasure trove of strategic gameplay and narrative depth. This set dives deep into the intricate world of One Piece, bringing to life the thrilling adventures and legendary characters from the iconic manga and anime series.

Each card in the Kingdom of Intrigue set is not only a game piece but also a fragment of a larger story, reflecting the lore and excitement of the One Piece universe. Players can expect a blend of powerful character cards, tactical action cards, and unique abilities that mirror the strategic duels and alliances found in the series.

Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the world of One Piece TCG, Kingdom of Intrigue offers an engaging experience that combines the thrill of collectible card games with the rich storytelling of the beloved One Piece saga.

One Piece OP-04 English Sealed Case Booster Box - A Collector's Dream

Set sail with our exclusive One Piece OP-04 English Sealed Case Booster Box. This special edition box is not just a collection of cards; it's an immersive experience into the world of One Piece. Perfect for fans and collectors looking to enhance their decks with unique cards and rare finds.

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Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box English: Immerse yourself in the strategic depth and narrative richness of the One Piece universe with our Kingdom of Intrigue Booster Box English. Each box is a gateway to countless adventures, offering a perfect blend of collectibility and gameplay.

One Piece Cards: Navigate through our extensive selection of One Piece cards, featuring an array of iconic characters, formidable battles, and the unique charm of the One Piece world. These cards promise to enhance your collection and game experience alike.

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