Pokémon Trading Card Game - Eevee Heroes - Booster Box - Japanese

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Get ready for a blast from the past when you open up your Pokemon Eevee Heroes Booster Box!

Featuring a diverse mix of fan-favourite characters, this series is sure to be a thrilling ride with colourful artwork and special surprises. Each box includes 24 packs, each with 5 random cards that are both exciting and filled with nostalgia.

Collectors of every level can find something to appreciate in this cheerful set that shines just as brightly as Pikachu himself!

Looking to buy an Eevee Heroes Booster Box in Australia? We’ve got you sorted!

If you've ever wanted to catch 'em all, a Pokemon Eevee Heroes Booster Box is the perfect way to get started. This box contains 24 booster packs of the latest Eevee Heroes expansion set, which features vibrant art and powerful cards that help elevate your deck.

With this box, you'll have everything you need to build an awe-inspiring team of Pokemon! Whether you're a new trainer or a seasoned master, this set provides all the tools necessary for hours of intense competition and fun.

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What comes in the Eevee Heroes box?

Eevee Heroes isn"t your average box – it's a one-stop shop for all Eevee fans!

Not only does this collectible box come with an exclusive Eevee figurine, but it also has other awesome goodies like fun stickers to decorate anything from notebooks to bedrooms, a special edition Mewtwo TCG card, and a mini poster of everyone's favourite normal-type Pokémon.

It's the ultimate fan kit to express your love for all things Eevee! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on an Eevee Heroes box today!

Is Eevee Heroes being reprinted?

Eevee Heroes has become such an iconic part of the gaming culture that there are reports that it is even likely to be reprinted – something especially exciting for all those fans who missed out on getting their hands on a copy the first time around!

How many booster packs are in Eevee heroes?

Eevee Heroes has been a runaway hit since its launch and it"s easy to see why. Not only do you get to play as everyone's favourite Electric Pokemon, but the sheer variety of booster packs gives every player something new to discover. 

How many packs? Well, let's just say anyone serious about collecting all of the Eevees and bonuses is in for a long journey – luckily an enjoyable one!

Can I pre-order the Eevee Heroes Booster Box in Australia?

As part of the TCGroup Australia premium service, we offer our customers peace of mind by allowing them to pre-order their exclusive products before their official release date, so you can secure your product.

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