TCGroupAU - Limited Edition - Graded Mystery Box - No Rarity - Pokémon - $150

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Product Description

Limited Edition - 43 Units Available Only!

Guaranteed No Rarity Mystery Box!

Discover the thrill of our Mystery Boxes collection! Unbox a world of surprises, including Pokémon cards, unleash the power of iconic characters, rare finds, and exclusive collectibles. Start your collection or find the perfect gift. Dive into the mystery today and let the excitement unfold!

Each Mystery Box Contains:

1x PSA Graded No-Rarity Japanese Pokemon Single
(Holo and Non Holo Variants)

Chance of Mystery Box Containing:
1 of 43 - PSA9 Charmander No Rarity Symbol
1 of 43 - PSA9 Bulbasaur No Rarity Symbol
1 of 43 - PSA9 Squirty No Rarity Symbol
36 of 43 - XY Evolution Booster Pack Symbol

1 of 43 - Unbroken Bonds Booster Box
(Via Redemption)

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