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MEGA Edition

Chase the Charizard's mystery box!

Discover the thrill of our Mystery Boxes collection! Unbox a world of surprises, including Pokémon cards, unleash the power of iconic characters, rare finds, and exclusive collectibles. Start your collection or find the perfect gift. Dive into the mystery today and let the excitement unfold!

Each Mystery Box Contains: 

  • 1x Graded Pokemon Card (PSA/CGC) 

CHANCE of major items contained in Mystery Box: 

  • 1x Pokémon Trading Card Game - Classic Collection Box - Japanese
  • 3x PSA10 Charizard V - Champions Path
  • 2x PSA10 Charizard VMAX - Champions Path 
  • 70x PSA10 Charizard SWSHP - Champions Path
  • 5x PSA10 Charizard VMAX - Darkness Ablaze

Number of items contained in the overall MEGA Mystery Boxes: 

  • 410 Graded Cards
  • Major Items
  • 5000+ SV English Booster Packs
  • 100 Vintage/Modern Single Cards

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