Weiss Schwarz - Heavenburns Red - Booster Box - Japanese

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10/02/2023 (Feb) Release
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■ Rarity (planned) OFR (Overframe Rare)
8 types ... 【CR】 [CC] Parallel
SP (Special) 47 types ... 【RR】 【R】 【U】 [C] parallel
RRR (triple rare) 8 types ... 【CR】 [CC] Parallel
SR (Super Rare) 42 types ... 【R】 【U】 Parallel of [C]
RR (Double Rare) 10 types
R (Rare) 26 types U (Uncommon) 25 types C (Common) 28 types CR (Climax Rare) 5 types
CC (Climax Common) 11 types
Dramatic RPG presented by "Wright Flyer Studios" and "Key
" will join WS!
The booster pack also includes characters that could not be included in the trial deck!

■ Includes 47 cast members + Byakko's foil-stamped autograph card!

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