Weiss Schwarz - Hololive Vol2 - Rebirth For You - Premium Booster Box - Japanese

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Product Description

  • 1 box = 8 packs / 1 pack = 6 cards
  • This set contains randomly assorted 8 packs in a factory sealed container.
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

What is Booster Pack Plus?
Unlike normal booster packs, a fixed inclusion element is added to each pack and box.
Each pack must include a partner card and a glittering holo card!
One box in each box always includes a glittering “luxury partner card”! Also includes the long-awaited "foil stamped sign card" and "serial number card"!

- Fubuki Shirakami
- Aqua Minato at the Summer Festival
- Shion Murasaki
- Ayame Hyakki
- Choco Healing Moon
- SubaruOkami Mio
- Korone Inugami
- Nekomata OkayuUsagi Pokora
- Shiranui Flare
- Shirogane Noel
- Hosho Marine Amane Kanata
- Watamu Kakumaki
- TowaTokoyami
- Luna Himemori Lammy Yukihana
- Nene Momosuzu
- Shishiro Botan
- Omaru Polka

Neo Standard Classification:
- Can be made into decks with cards with numbers starting from "HP/".

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