Weiss Schwarz - Reincarnated Was A Slime Vol.3 - Booster Box - Japanese

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Product Information

1 carton 18 boxes Number of
card types: Normal 100 types + Parallel 50 types

■ Rarity (planned) SEC (secret) 2 types
SP (special) 7 types
RRR (triple rare) 6 types SR (super rare) 35 types
RR (double rare)
10 types
R (Rare) 22 types
U (Uncommon) 28 types
C (Common) 28 types CR (Climax Rare) 4 types CC (Climax Common) 8 types

■Foil stamping sign card information
Includes foil-stamped autograph cards by the cast members!
Miho Okasaki ・・ (as Rimuru) Tomoaki Maeno・ (as Verdora) Shin Furukawa・ (as Benimaru) Ayaka Senbongi・ (as Shuna) M.A.O.・ (as Shion) Rina Hidaka・・(as Mirim)

Furthermore!! Also includes a foil-stamped autograph card by Professor Yasuki Kawakami of the manga "When I was reincarnated as a slime"!

■ Includes 7 newly drawn illustrations!
Includes all 7 newly drawn
illustrations of "Rimuru", "Veldora", "Benimaru", "Shuna", "Zion", "Mirim", and "Mewlan"!

■ Box privilege (planned)
Out of all 5 types of PR cards enclosed in the box,
one will be randomly enclosed in the box!
* Encapsulation in reprints is undecided.
* For products released after November 2022, the box bonus PR card is enclosed without packaging.

■ Special first-attack and follow-up cards The original design of
this product (2 pieces 1 set) is rarely enclosed in the BOX!
* Encapsulation in reprints is undecided.

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