Yu-Gi-Oh! Rarity Collection Quarter Century Edition - Booster Box - Japanese

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This is a new version of the Rarity Collection, which includes popular cards in luxurious specifications.

Introducing the new Quarter Century Secret Rare, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

All cards recorded are deluxe cards that are more than Super Rare! This is of the chance to receive the popular and unprinted cards with a variety of rarity!

Card Type: 80 types in all.
Ultra Rare: 25 types
Super Rare: 55 types
• Super Rare cards also include Quarter Century Secret Rare / Extra Secret Rare / Secret Rare / Secret Rare / Ultimate Rare / Collector Rares
• There are also holographic rare cards in the 2 types of Ultra Rare rarity.

Set Contents:
• 1 box: 15 packs
• 1 Pack: 4 pieces
• There are multiple rarities on the same name card

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